Helmsford Range

Paulett Wines new Helmsford Brand is bottled and ready to hit the market. This fresh new product line is consists of a fresh zesty Riesling, a crisp an fruity Sem Sauv Blanc, and lastly a smooth little shiraz bursting with berries & spice. The Helmsford range is an easy drinking style made from the same high quality vineyards by the same skilled winemakers as all our Paulett Wines products. The name 'Helmsford' is the property name of our Watervale vineyard, known for producing consistently high quality and slightly softer fruit than the Polish Hill River Vineyards.
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Sevenhill-Mintaro Rd, Polish Hill River
PO Box 50 Sevenhill  SA 5453


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Paulett Wines - Sevenhill-Mintaro Rd, Polish Hill River

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